Career Guidance For Selenium Testing

Career guidance for selenium testing

Selenium Testing

Today’s fast-growing world is moving towards automation testing from manual testing. There are a lot of automation tools that are available nowadays. For enterprises and freshers, selenium has become one of the most desirable automation tools too. Selenium provides many advantages, this is the reason it has reached popularity between testers and developers. Selenium has become one of the favorite automation tools because it is emphasized with simplicity, availability, ease of use, and no cost and it has made testers’ life easier. If you want to start your career as a selenium tester then join the selenium certification training class where you will be trained from the beginning to the expert level.

What is selenium?

Selenium is a room of testing tools it is mainly used for testing applications across different browsers. For automating the test scripts, it has become a very useful tool and it is carried out on web browsers. In any programming languages selenium test scripts can be written such as C#, java, python, C#Perl, and .Net, as well as teste scripts, are undergone on any operating platforms like Mac, Windows, OS Linux. Browsers which support selenium are Mozilla, chrome, firebox and opera, internet explorer, it is also able to integrate with other external tools like Junit, TestNG, for test case management. To gain the benefit of continuous integration then integrated the selenium with the Maven, Docker. In the market, selenium has become one of the leading open-source automation tools.

Selenium suits the different tool

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium web driver
  • Selenium grid
  • Selenium RC

Because of the selenium cross-browser and cross-testing platforms, it has been widely used in many software industries for automation. This shows there is a higher demand for selenium automation. There is a lot of flexibility available in selenium hence it records and creates the test cases manually or in a playback approach. It is abrupt that selenium goes well with other software development lifecycles such as Agile, waterfall, develops, etc.

Why selenium?

Selenium offers flexibility and gives a result-driven approach. In selenium testing, the scope of job opportunities is increasing. This type of job is available at all times for fresher as well as skilled people. The written test cases are converted into automation scripts with the help of test automation developers. This process needs programming language skills such as c, Perl, Java, etc. testers have to enhance their skills in business opportunities with the help of model-based testing.

Changes are acquiring in the test automation and selenium is giving way for many functional tests are at the initial development stage. If you are working as a test automation specialist, there might arise some difficulties in the form of framework code error, exceptions, failures, etc. This can be easily solved by continuously changing the needs of automated testing by creating and maintaining the testing scripts.

Switch your career to selenium automation tester

Selenium automation tools have a larger number of benefits than individual testing tools. If you want to become a professional selenium tester then drive yourself in selenium certification where you will be given training from the beginning level and easily, you’ll be shifted to the professional selenium tester.

Required software testing skills

Software testing roles are important in any project development hence this team offers a quality product without any bugs or issues. It validates the projects whether it meets the client requirements by seeking out all the errors in the software products.

Become a professional selenium software tester

The complicated software process is divided into smaller units with the help of analytical skills, through this you get more understanding about the project and are easily able to generate test cases. The analytical skills are highly developed in software testers.

Good interaction with developers is always needed for testers for troubleshooting the errors or any kind of issues in the software projects. Test strategies bug reports, test cases are called by testing artifacts. It helps the software tester and developer to read the reports and 

documents naturally.

If you want to become a professional software tester then a great and positive attitude is necessary. As well as you need to complete the task within the required time under the direct supervision and you have to take complete responsibility in the testing process.

Technical skills

The below mentioned technical skills are necessary for the software testers.

SQL knowledge

To check the data, it is necessary to have good database knowledge such as Oracle and MySQL. In the background, the software system contains a massive amount of data. To check whether the appropriate data are stored in the backend databases then use SQL queries ranging from simple to complex.  

Knowledge of scripting language

If someone is looking for a testing job then scripting languages like c#, JavaScript, and VBScripts are essential. Some companies are focussing on shell or Perl scripting and in this domain, updating occurs every show and this job is in higher demand.

Basics of Linux command

To have a successful career in testing. you need to gain knowledge of Linux commands. Hence the applications such as web services, application server and database are using Linux commands.

A career in selenium automation testing

Selenium automation tools are confident for functional testing from the basis to the development level. Selenium reduces the number of cycles involved in testing hence it is highly convenient for clients to receive ROI if you want to be an automation test engineer you should have a particular knowledge of the specific applications. Among the other automation tools, the selenium automation tools are in higher demand. Companies are using selenium for making web applications. Start your career in automation testing by obtaining selenium certification online. This training will give guidance about the complete progression of selenium automation testing. The test automation engineers and enterprises have a lot of opportunities in the field of mobile testing, big data, and API testing.


The above-mentioned details show the necessities of selenium testing, start learning the automation tools used in selenium, and start your career as a selenium tester.