QA Course Syllabus

QA Course Syllabus

Software Quality Assurance Testing Training

A detailed breakdown of the weekly QA Course syllabus training plan for this QA training. Software Testing Training schedule for the 6-week online software testing course.

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[toggle title=”Module 1 – SDLC” state=”opened”]

  • What is Software development life cycle?
  • Phases of SDLC
  • Models of SDLC-Waterfall, Agile and Agile Scrum
    • Waterfall
    • What is the difference between Waterfall and Agile?
    • Advantages of using Agile Over Waterfall
    • Agile Scrum
      • User story, Story Points, Product backlog, Sprint backlog, Roles and responsibility of a scrum master and Product owner
      • Meetings conducted in Agile Scrum

[toggle title=”Module 2 – Types of Testing“]

  • Static Testing/Dynamic Testing
  • Regression/ Retesting
  • Usability/ accessibility
  • Smoke / Sanity testing
  • Unit Testing/ Integration Testing/ System Testing
  • UAT – Alpha Testing /Beta Testing
  • White Box/Black box testing
  • Functional/Non-functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
    • Load Testing
    • Stress Testing
    • Endurance Testing

[toggle title=”Module 3 – Requirement/ TestCase/ Test Data“]

  • Understanding requirements
  • Writing Test Cases
    • What is a Test Case
    • Format of a Test Case
    • Review of Test Case
    • Execution of Test case
  • Creating Test data
    • Equivalence partitioning
    • Boundary value analysis

[toggle title=”Module 4 – STLC“]

  • STLC(Software Testing Life cycle)

Test Planning

Test Plan

  • What is a test Plan
        • Who creates a Test Plan
        • When is the Test Plan created
        • Purpose of creating a Test Plan
        • Components of a Test plan.
  • Test design
  • Test implementation and Execution
  • Defect Reporting and tracking
        • Defect life cycle
  • Test closures
  • Test metrics

[toggle title=”Module 5 – Quality Center | HP ALM Test Management Tool“]

  • What is QC (Quality Center) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
  • Why use QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
  • Modules of QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management

Write requirements in QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management

  • Write test Cases in QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
  • Traceability in QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
  • log defects in QC (QualityCenter) / HP Application Life Cycle Management
  • Associate a defect with the Test Cases in QC? (Quality Center) / HP Application Life Cycle Management

[toggle title=”Module 6 – SQL (Structured Query Language)“]

  • Basic concepts of Database
  • Primary Key
  • foreign Key
  • SQL
    • SQL Select
    • SQL Where
    • SQL Distinct
    • SQL AND & OR
    • SQL Order BY
    • SQL Like
    • SQL Wildcards
    • SQL IN
    • SQL Between
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Having Clause
  • Difference between Having and Where clause
  • Group by clause
  • SQL Joins
    • SQL Inner Join
    • SQL Left Join
    • SQL Right Join
    • SQL Full Join

[toggle title=”Module 7 – UNIX/LINUX“]

  • What is the Tester’s Role in Unix/LINUX?
  • How to login to UNIX / Linux using Putty tool
  • Important UNIX commands

[toggle title=”Module 8 – Selenium webdriver training for automation testing“]

  • Components in Selenium WebDriver training
  • Architecture of Selenium
  • Record and Playback