A complete guide for Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

For the product development cycle, quality assurance is very important. The product which is developed by the company that needs to be delivered to the clients according to certain standards. If you want to be fit for the field then learn more about quality assurance. The quality assurance training will help to enlarge your skills towards the fields, through the training you will learn from basic to a higher level. Here comes some of the quality assurance skills and qualities, in the quality assurance field there are many vacancies available for freshers and professionals.

What is quality assurance?

The process of quality assurance is to check whether the developed products meet their requirements. Before releasing the product, quality assurance professionals work together to create a process for the product. The main aim of QA is to ensure each product or service the company produces needs to be uniform and meets certain standards.

During the entire creation process of software development, the quality assurance team plays a major role. The software quality assurance checks the quality of the project and how the software applies to its intended purpose. In the software development life cycle, software quality assurance is a mandatory one. Testing is the next step in the SDLC, in which the quality assurance team assesses the viability of the product or services. The job of the quality assurance team ensures there are no errors in the codes, rather it might affect the performance of the software. The software quality assurance detects any issues in the projects and files it as a document and uses it for future reference.

According to the size of the company and the number of products, one QA or team is required for the company. There can be QA testers, managers, and analysts who work together to produce a quality product.

The complete process of quality assurance

Quality assurances are known by PDCA or Deming cycle. The cycles involved in quality assurance are plan, do, check, and act. These cycles were mainly involved in every organization and improvised periodically. The planning is necessary for every organization for producing high-quality products. Planning is very important, the development and testing show a greater difference in the product. It means to make changes in the process. then the third step is to check whether the product meets its predetermined objectives. To achieve the improvements in the process the implementing the actions are necessary.

Quality assurance skills and qualities

Those who are interested to start their career in quality assurance, then they can join in quality assurance of training, typically you need the following skills and qualities.


If a quality assurance employee finds an error in the project then they need to fix it with the appropriate solution. As a software quality assurance, they have to review thousands of lines of code to find a bug. Most of the time they need to try several solutions to seek out the error. If you want to find the error, then you need to have patience.

Attention to detail

If you want an efficient process to happen in the project, the quality assurance employee focuses on small details. If a sometimes smallest error in the process can affect the quality of the entire product so it is very necessary to give attention to the product.


To create a product many quality assurances professional work with the team. sometimes the need to work with other QA employees, clients, project managers, and other co-workers to produce a product or service. If you want to get the right result then you have to communicate with the professional verbally and in writing. 

Analytical thinking

Professional quality assurance often reviews data and statistics to develop a process. This team often focuses on the data on how to translate the results into actionable results. Also, they have to identify which part of the data is important, and whatever error can be discarded to get a correct result.


The quality assurance teams when they find the error, they need to use a problem-solving skill to provide a solution for all the errors. To produce an effective result brainstorming results and determining which would work best in the process is important.

Jobs in quality assurance

If you’re interested in working as a quality assurance then take up quality assurance training near me. Here are some of the jobs in the quality assurance field.

Quality assurance tester

The quality assurance tester’s main job is to find errors in the product to improve the quality of the project. Based on the expectation they perform multiple testers to ensure that the products reach the quality and help to find the error source.  They inform the product results to the rest of the teams and help them to plan the solutions.

Project manager

The main work of the project manager is to oversee the production process. they gather requirements, develop objectives of goal, determine necessary resources, and develop a project plan. The QA managers assign the tasks to their team, communicate the plan to the team, and monitor complete progress. The job of project managers is to communicate the requirements of the project from the client to their team and vice versa.

Quality assurance analysts

For product high quality the quality assurance analysts oversee the entire testing process. the work of the QA analysts to develop plans for testing, documenting the results, and communicating the requirements to the team members. The major part of their job is to progress that the product produces the correct results.

Test engineer

Test engineer creates the assignments so that the companies can use them for all the production process. They work with the testing and design teams to create an effective evaluation plan. They also work to create a proper documentation guideline to make sure the team can replicate the results.


The above-mentioned details show how important the quality assurance role is important for every organization. Start your career as quality assurance and it takes your career life to the next level.