Reasons to learn Python

Reasons to learn Python

Python Tutorials

Are you intending to pursue a career in programming? If yes, then you should learn Python. It is one of the simple languages which are used to develop the website as well as complex software. Python is an object-oriented programming language, widely used for Web application development. Across a vast range of fields, it offers both powerful scripting and fast application development process. Pythons enable programmers to express the concept with less readable code. As the demand for Python programmers grows with the new applications for machine learning every day, therefore Python certification secures an empowered future, even if your career will burgeon. Python certification is one of the credentials when companies hire you. Python is the fastest-growing programming language powering in the global job market. 

Why Python?

Python is an object-oriented language. Many big platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Nokia, Instagram, yahoo, etc., all are using this language. There is no doubt that Python developers can earn good bucks. If you are skilled in Python then you have a good chance of landing a job in other countries with high salaries.

  • Python Syntaxes are very simple and readable where anyone can learn easily
  • It is the fastest-growing language
  • It is used to develop web services, mobile applications, etc.
  • Unlimited tasks can be done by Python language
  • It supports GUI programming
  • Its program can be run on various operating systems
  • You don’t need to write code for everything because it has a large library

Functioning of Python:

  • To read and amend files it can be connected to database systems
  • It manages big data and performs complicated mathematics
  • To establish website applications, Python is used on a server
  • For rapid prototyping
  • For production-ready software development
  • With software to develop workflows, it is equally used

Python is simple and easy to learn:

Many aspirants are looking to learn Python certification online. The fact is that it is the simple and easy to learn programming language which has syntax and readability. 

Besides easy learning, its syntax is easy to understand and build a rapport that is not seamless in other languages. Thus, Python developers are more comfortable to develop coding and even fun.

  • Free and open source
  • High-level
  • Interpreted
  • Blessed with a large community

Portable and extensible:

Seamlessly, you can perform cross-language operations with the portable and extensible properties of Python. Today, Python is supported by many platforms present in the industry ranging from Linux to Windows to Macintosh, playstation, Solaris and, among others.

As well as .NET components, Python’s extensibility features allow you to integrate java. 

Web development:

For developing websites, Python has an array of frameworks. The popular frameworks are Flask, Django, pylons etc. these frameworks are written in Python, and it’s the reason which makes the code fast and stable.

You can fetch details from any websites by performing web scraping. Many websites like Pinterest, Instagram, and bitbucket are built on these frameworks only.

Artificial intelligence:

In the tech world, AI is the next huge development. Further, using this language you can make a machine to mimic the human brain which has the power to think, analyze and make decisions.  Libraries such as TensorFlow and Keras bring functionality into the mix. Without being explicitly programmed, it gives the ability to learn. Also, the libraries help computer vision or image recognition.

Computer graphics:

Largely, Python is used in small, large, online or offline projects. It is used to build desktop applications and GUI. To create applications, it uses the Tkinter library to provide a fast and easy way. By using the module Pygame, it is used in game development which runs on android devices.

Testing framework:

Python’s built-in testing frameworks cover debugging where its fastest workflows are great for validating ideas or products for established companies. To make things easier there are a lot of tools and modules such as Selenium and Splinter.

The framework PyTest and Robot support testing with cross-platform and cross-browser. Every tester should go for Python because testing is a tedious task.

Big data:

Python supports parallel computing and handles a lot of hassles. You can write a MapReduce program in Python using the library called Pydoop and process data present in the HDFS cluster. For big data processing, there are other libraries such as Dask and Pyspark. Due to its flexibility Python is widely used.

Scripting and automation:

Many of them know that Python is a programming language, but it can be also used as a scripting language. In scripting

  • In the form of scripts the code is written and gets executed
  • The machine reads and interprets the code
  • Error checking is done during Runtime.
  • Once the code is checked, you can automate certain tasks in a program. It can be used several times.

Data science:

For many data scientists, Python is the leading language. With the release of the Python numerical engines such as Numpy and pandas all started to change.

Python deals with the statistical data, and it even visualizes with popular libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn. 

Python’s popularity and high salary:

Python developers have some of the highest salaries in the industry. In the United States, the average salary is approximately $116,028 per year. Over the last 1 year, Python has had a strong spike in popularity.

Benefits of learning Python language:

  • Python’s popularity and high salary
  • Python is highly popular because it is easy to learn where its feature of quickly writing complicated tasks. Many applications support the Python language.
  • Python is a versatile language
  • Python is considered instrumental in data science and AI
  • Python uninterruptedly and excessively used in the internet of things
  • Python highly recommended when learning to code

Moreover, many industry leaders make use of this language where more prominent companies are adopting this language, so the demand for Python developers is very high. 

Due to its versatility, the number of Python developers is increasing day by day in the field.

  • Data science
  • Web development
  • Game development
  • Security testing
  • Database management
  • Trading 
  • Machine learning etc.

Wrapping it up:

If you are interested in working with Python, then enrol in the Python certification course where you can get more benefits out of the training. You can get trained with the highly talented and professional faculties. Thus by learning Python you can efficiently contribute to the revolution going on in the information technology sector.