Why you should use selenium for automation testing

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Nowadays technology is well penetrated in all aspects as the industries recruit the professional and freshers in the land of automation testing. The automation testing that overcomes the manual testing by its rapid test and accuracy as it reduces the manpower and time. One of the open-source tools is selenium that reached the highest point in the universe by its abundant uses. 

The college students, manual testers, and even the professionals are learning selenium testing training over online to upgrade their career to the next level. Here is the list you should use selenium for automation testing.

1. Open source:

First of all, the essential benefit of automation selenium testing training with Selenium WebDriver is the fact that it is open source. It is free of cost and is publicly accessible by downloading it from the official site.

 By its features and functionality, it supports the tester and software engineers belonging to the selenium community. Due to its benchmark, it replaces the QTP tool that cost so high in which the startup company cannot buy it to sustain their business.

2. Language and framework support:

Multilingual support is one of the prominent features by which a person with one language skills like Python, PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, etc needed to become automation testers. By knowing any one of these languages helps to automate those test scripts with compatible time.

 So you no need to worry about the language and framework in which the selenium can do all the favor for you. It provides you a high amount of flexibility in all the language to automate the test cases.

3. It Work across multiple OS:

Unlike the previously released version, one of the wonderful benefits of the selenium automation testing is that it works on all the operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX, as well as Mac. The customized testing suite is created that can be used over any platform. 

 This high usage assists the developers and software testers to easily write test automation scripts without worrying much emphasis on the platform on which it will run.

4. Multi-Browser Support:

 Not like the previous version released, the selenium community can happily run the program in the entire browser without facing any troubles.  The browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge browsers are the most used browsers worldwide to write selenium scripts very easily. You no need to rewrite scripts for every browser, just one script for the entire browser is simple enough to execute the whole program. 

5. Ease to implement:

Selenium provides a user-friendly interface that helps to create and execute test scripts easily with a high amount of accuracy. It also brings the entire screen of the computer in front of you to monitor the whole implementation. Selenium automation framework is a very easy-to-use tool. 

A huge Selenium community is always available to help you in case of an emergency if you need help to execute the test cases. You can also ask your queries from the selenium community and perform respective actions to run it quickly.

6. Add-ons and Reusability:

As mentioned above, Selenium automation test suites are reusable and can be tested across multiple browsers and operating systems. It also needs some integration to achieve running the entire test cases. Hence, it needs third-party frameworks and add-ons to broaden the scope of testing.

The primary thing is that you need to integrate selenium with TestNG or JUnit to maintain the test cases and also to generate the reports. To achieve the continuous testing you need to integrate with tools like Maven, Jenkins, and Docker also. So you can combine the selenium with all the manageable tools that you needed for testing the software.

7. Flexibility:

Another advantage to use selenium for automation testing takes place by its flexibility. It provides the developer and tester to change the code quickly, minimizing duplication, reducing complications, and also increasing maintainability to build the project. It helps by easier regrouping and refactoring the whole test cases that save the high scale of time. Due to its flexibility many people are doing courses in selenium automation testing as it is the demand for all companies to create worthy software.

The use of the selenium grid helps to increase the parallel execution of a program that saves time and also reduces the effort of the selenium community. By its flexibility, you can run across all the hundreds of browsers in parallel that speed up your execution time. It also gives the quality of service to develop the software.

8. Easy to learn and use:

Selenium scripts are nothing but writing a hundred-page complex algorithm. You must know the basic knowledge of any high-level programming language like Selenium java, python, PHP, and much more is enough to cope up in the land of automation testing of the software. Even the beginner can also learn automation testing online that provides high-level training to learn the course by sitting inside the home.

Sow the seeds of learning the course through online:

Before stepping into something you need a base to start up something that kicks off your career growth. Nowadays people tend to focus on what to learn. They leave aside other things including learning style and supportive study materials in which you can find easily by choosing selenium online training that meets your needs and expectations. They also make you get motivated by showing off the interest to learn the course online. 

Switching your career button on in the field of automation testing that empowers life to move on the right track at which you can find more job opportunities. It is one of the simplest courses in which you can find online to get a colorful future.

Final words:

From the above information you get an idea to learn selenium automation testing in which it results in giving the peace and comfort zone to your life. Learning something new always hand over the high standard in the fast-growing business domain. Well, take up the course to get more benefits to achieve your goal.