What are the things you need to do to establish a career path in Selenium Testing

What are the things you need to do to establish a career path in Selenium Testing?

Selenium Testing

Testing is a significant practice followed by people in the day to day activities to ensure the quality of the products used in a dynamic society. The same way the Test automation is the practice followed in the domain of Information and Technology. The test automation practice has undergone a lot of changes in the last ten years. The software test automation is a specialized set of tools used for the execution of the tests, compares the actual outcomes of the testing process with the proposed or expected results of the test completion process. The main applications of the test automation tools are functional testing, non-functional testing, regression testing, handling of bulk data set, defect logging, GUI interaction, product installation and many other applications. The best software testing tool available in the field of test automation is Selenium Testing tool.

When you have to shift from the current job to a dream designation, the simplest way to achieve your target or goal without losing your existing or current job until you get a new job offer is to enrol yourself in the selenium testing course online.  The digital platform’s online method of study allows the user to study comfortably at their own pace without any stress or pressure.

Why do you have to learn Selenium Testing?

The industrial experts and technical experts suggest that selenium tools are more flexible and expandable and focus on providing accurate results to the end-users or testers. Hence the software has become a commonly accepted standard in the industry. The test automation developers or the quality assurance professional converts the test cases used for functional testing into test automation scripts. The conversion of test cases into test scripts requires adequate programming languages like C, C#, Perl and Java. The development and advancement in the selenium testing tool help the testing engineers grab excellent business opportunities.

The initial development periods of Selenium is quite troublesome since many changes are done in the software to implement functional testing. The fast track growth of web site developments demands permanent and reliable test automation to ensure the functionalities of the developed web pages.

How effective is the Selenium tool in the field of Automation?

The Selenium is the Open-source Software which is highly beneficial since users have free access to the software at any time and from any location. The tool is compatible with the current and latest browsers of any type and the platform-independent functionality of the java used in the Selenium Tool. The Selenium web driver automation is required and mandatory to automate web applications and mobile applications.  The web applications that change frequently require testing to check whether the application fails to do predicted business operations.  The base of the Selenium tool is the JavaScript test runner program developed to have control over the web browsers that access the web pages and to improve the efficiency of the repetitive testing. This script runner programmer later gets renamed as Selenium Core. Thus exploring and changing or improving the functionalities of the Selenium tool provides vast Selenium career opportunities in the business domain for the Automation Testers. 

What are the required qualities to become the best Quality Assurance Engineer? 

The goal or aim of Software Testing is to deliver bug or error-free products to end-users or customers. When you apply for a testing position in an institution then many questions will be asked by the recruiter.  Selenium testing interview questions used for the analysis of the automation skills of a tester. Some of the main parameters that are checked or validated during an interview process. 

Analytical or Logical Ability: 

These skills are mandatory because it allows the testing professionals to divide the complex system into simple structured functional units and makes test cases based on the functional blocks of the system.  Analytical skills enable the tester to create efficient test cases. 

Communication or Social Interaction Skill: The communication skill oral and written communication for correct delivery and friendly interactions with the people in the working environment. Test Artifacts such as Test cases, Test Strategies, Bug reports must be simple, comprehend and easy to read. There must be unambiguous interaction between the tester and developer while troubleshooting a bug.

Event Handling and Time Management: The role of the tester counts during the crucial period of the product releases.the best coder tester must be able to handle the workloads and must manage the entire process in a structured way without any confusion or disorder.

Positive Attitude or Inbuilt Confidence: The positive spirit or the inner confidence of a tester is highly mandatory because the testing professional who needs to perform the testing operations without any intervention or control by the developers or other technical experts. He /she needs the courage to perform the testing tasks. Now let us have a look at the essential technical skills required to become an ideal software tester.

Knowledge of the Databases: The data validation process requires knowledge of the databases such as Oracle and SQL. The software applications, products and systems contain bulk or a large amount of data on the backend. You must know queries ranging from simple to complex queries to analyze the structure of the data and to verify the correct storage of data on the databases.

The idea on Linux Commands: The knowledge on the operating platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Unix will help the tester to survive for a maximum period in the testing domain. Recently most of the databases, web applications, application servers, and web servers run or operate on the Linux platforms. Profound Knowledge and Experience on Automation Tool: When you need to sustain in the field of testing you must have in-depth domain knowledge such as Selenium, Hp-UFT/QTP, you must be aware of the performance testing tools such as Jmeter, Win Runner and Load Runner etc. The idea behind the ETL testing tools like Informatica and many others are also highly mandatory. The hands-on experience on projects with different domains is also required to shine as an expert testing professional in the Software Testing domain.