What are the key features of dot net?

Dot Net Training

The dot net provides a framework that facilitates designing and developing portable, scalable, and robust applications. The features of the framework can be executed in a different environment. The key elements provide a lot of features by using advanced technologies and software developers. The dot net will be the platform for the device’s independent computing model in the managed environment. The dot net frame will have the developer tools, libraries and programming languages used to build the desktop and web applications. Here you can see the key features of the dot net programming language.

What is .net online training?
Microsoft has developed the .net framework, which can run predominantly on Microsoft windows. The .net training course will share the knowledge of executing the dot net framework program in the software environment known as the common language runtime. The CLR has the service of security, memory, management and exceptional handling. In .net training, You can gain knowledge in the computer software installation without interfering with your computer’s previous software. They consist of a detailed discussion of the older version and give sufficient experience on the latest version.


Common executive environment:
All the dot net certification course online applications will run under the everyday executive environment, commonly known as the CLR. It will facilitate the interoperability between different dot net languages such as c #, visual basic, c++ etc. the dot net framework will provide a familiar environment for the entire program’s execution, which is written in all these languages.

Garbage collection:
The garbage collection is where all the unwanted resources will be deleted when required for a more extended period. If the file is unnecessary for a more extended period and the application has finished all the executions on the file, it will not be required for a longer time. The database connections will be disconnected when the installation is completed.

There is a separate compiler for all the different languages in the .net course online. So if you have the VB .net language, it consists of the particular VB .net compiler for its execution. So it has another compiler for the performance of the c#.

Design principle:

The applications are made from the .net framework can be run on any windows platform. And in recent times, ms is envisioning, making the ms products work on any platform without having any restrictions.

The common language runtime does not work on memory management. The framework will have the capabilities to see all the domains that are not used by the program’s execution. It would then release the sources according to its requirement. This process is commonly done in the garbage collections, which runs as part of .net.

The common language runtime manages the complete system’s security through the user and the code identity coupled with the restrictions. So only the user can check all the program code on the course. The programmer code’s identity will be known, and permission for the user resource is granted accordingly. Security is a prominent feature in the .net framework, which acts as the support for the role based on the NT accounts.

Bottom line:
The details mentioned above will make you understand clearly the key features of the dot net framework. The developers can choose a variety of programming languages according to your needs and requirements.