Understanding the relationship between Business Analysis and Product Management

Business Analyst

Business analysis and product management are quite different distinct, but related jobs. The relationship between business analysis and product management is essential for the success of any company. Product management and business analyst together focuses on planning, developing, and supervising a product or service from idea to launch. Therefore today, there is a high demand fobusiness analyst online training classes. Even though these roles are distinct, they are connected and have many depending characteristics. Read on to learn the relationship between business analysis and product management:


A business analyst should be able to extract the information from the data analyst. A business analyst must have excellent written and verbal abilities since, after interpreting the data; they must be able to coherently deliver the knowledge that each team is ready to learn. The analysts will also be asked to present the information in several team meetings in addition to technical project documents. They must therefore be able to interpret the facts into a language that each team can understand and should feel at ease speaking in front of an audience. Instead of depending on text-heavy papers, creating visual documents like charts, diagrams, and slides is a terrific method to promote ideas and suggestions.

Market research

Of course, a business analyst’s primary job is to study customer needs. They usually spend much time with product managers, users, developers, and stakeholders. They are like a connecting bridge to all these people as they ease the data collection, ask questions, and arrange meetings. They research customer’s requirements, current trends, features of new products, and other information. Product managers use this gathered information to make educated choices about a product’s characteristics, cost, and positioning. This information may help the stakeholders to monitor the improvement in trending patterns, give solutions, and to make recommendations.

Requirement and specification

Every project’s requirement goal is tied to the project scope. The required document serves as the developers’ blueprint for creating the product. It explains:

  • Functional requirements: characteristics, functions, actions, and behaviors of the product.
  • Non-functional requirements: characteristics of the product’s operation like security, scalability, compliance with standards, and accessibility.

The project specifications document provides an in-depth explanation of the project’s goal and the final product’s functionality.


A business analyst works on planning and road mapping the possibilities to achieve success in product development. They give you all the solutions for the questions related to project goals. Product managers create a product development plan using business analyst’s data. The roadmap outlines provided by the business analyst, such as the project’s features, timeline, and milestones, act as a guide for the whole development team.

Timeline and scope

The scope identifies the products or services that will be part of the project. The cross-functional team’s whole membership is covered under the scope and timeline. Business analysts have more insight and clarity because they know how each team works and integrates into the entire process. Therefore BAs decide what should be included in the scope. After planning thoroughly, they will create a timeline for the project. Achievable and realistic deadlines and milestones are required. Ensure to note dependencies and give additional time in case something unexpected happens.


Generally, a business analyst comes under the spotlight when there are issues or changes that happen after implementing the product. The business analyst may be required to assist the clients in recognizing and understanding the answers, participate in problem-solving meetings and analysis, or both. BA can help by providing user documentation, running user acceptability tests, and supporting implementation. Hence, any business will gain profit from having a business analysis staff.

Final Thoughts

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