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SDLC, Software Development Life Cycle is a procedure utilized by the software industry to outline, create, and test top notch software. The SDLC intends to deliver a fantastic software that meets or surpasses client desires, achieves culmination inside of times and expense gauges.

  • SDLC referred to as the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • The software improvement life cycle (SDLC) is a framework characterizing errands performed at every progression in the Software Development Process.
  • It is also called Software Development Process

SDLC Process

What is SDLC?

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a term used within a software organization, and information systems to describe a process for planning, creating, testing, and deploying a software or enhance a specific software. The life cycle characterizes a procedure for enhancing the quality of software and overall development process.


Requirement analysis is the most critical and basic stage in SDLC. It is performed by the senior individuals from the group with inputs from the client, the business office, business sector studies and space specialists in the business. This data is then used to arrange the fundamental undertaking methodology and to lead item possibility mull over in the practical, operational, and specialized territories.

Planning for the quality assurance requirements and identification of the risks associated with the project is also done in the planning stage. The outcome of the technical feasibility study is to define the various technical approaches that can be followed to implement the project successfully with minimum risks.

Analysis  & Defining:

Once the requirements analysis is done the following step is to obviously characterize and report the product necessities and get them sanction from the client or the business examiners. This is done through .SRS. . Software Requirements Analysis record which comprises of all the item necessities to be planned and created amid the project life cycle.


Technical design requirements are arranged in this stage by lead improvement staff that can incorporate designers and lead developers. The Business requirements are utilized to characterize how the application will be composed. Technical requirements will detail database tables to be included, new exchanges to be characterized, security procedures and equipment and system requirements.


In this stage of SDLC the actual development starts and the product is built. The software engineers start writing the code according to the client’s requirements. The programming language is chosen with respect to the type of software being developed.


Testing is one of the crucial stage mostly involved in SDLC. This is the process of finding defects or bugs in the created software until the product reaches to the quality standard.


Once the product is tested and deployed to be sent it is released formally in the proper business. At some point item sending happens in stages according to the associations. business system. The software is deployed after it has been approved for release. After release of product, it maintenance done by existing customers.

Models of SDLC:

  • Waterfall Model
  • Spiral Model
  • V-Model
  • Iterative Model
  • Agile Model
  • Software Prototype Model
  • Big Bang Model

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