Learn Selenium Testing Course in Live classes and get Selenium Certification

Learn Selenium Testing Course in Live classes and get Selenium Certification

Selenium Testing

Once a business web application or a website is developed, it is time to go for testing. This is performed to check whether the application will work or not on different devices. If there are no tools then this task can be time-consuming. According to every business organization, once the application reaches a stable manual testing phase they choose to go for the automated tests. From this they can save the costs that are involved in the manual testing. As this is an important factor for project development, most of the organizations are looking for open source automation tools instead of making investments in costly commercial tools.

When it comes to open source testing tools, there are a variety of tools available. All these tools have matured a lot and it’s time to think about the best automation tool that ensures that the website functions well on all devices.

Advantages of learning selenium online course

Considering all the things mentioned above it is good to kick start your career in the IT domain with Selenium. Here are a few advantages of learning selenium for building a successful career in this evolving field.

Open-source/ free tool

Selenium is an open-source tool that can be used by anybody for free. Even most of the reputed organizations use selenium with which they test their website or web application. The independent programmers can also learn and practice automation testing using the selenium webdriver. When considering the other testing tools, they are either licensed or their functionality is not as good as that of the selenium tool. When compared to other tools, selenium is the clear winner and there are no second thoughts for the one who uses selenium tools.

No special OS demands

When considering selenium there are more benefits to talking. The other benefit is that you don’t need a system with 16 GB RAM or high HDD. There are no windows OS or macOS or LinuxOS demands when it comes to the selenium software testing tool. The one that you use for your home purpose can be used and is good enough for selenium testing.

There is also another important thing with this testing tool, That is, you can test the website on any browser.

Multiple programming language support

This is the most important factor for any programmer. With this, the programmer can easily get into the automation testing domain. Most of the testing tools in the market will have some specifications and to use them you have to be specialised in one programming language. But with selenium software testing tools you will not face too many restrictions. You can be skilled in any one of the programming languages and can start your career with the selenium testing course.

Availability of frameworks

The frameworks are very similar to those of the templates. In this, you can just make a slight modification to the code as per your requirements for different conditions. There is no need to make whole changes. When it comes to the frameworks there are various frameworks like,

  • Data-driven testing
  • Keyword driven testing
  • Hybrid testing
  • Module driven testing and many more

Storing presence in the DevOps life cycle

With the DevOps life cycle, selenium forms an integral part. This is because most of the companies are now replacing the waterfall approaches with the DevOps approach. DevOps emphasizes on using open source tools and therefore only very few tools qualify as a DevOps tool.

Nowadays most of the software product is developed and are delivered on the cloud so web-based testing tools are the ones that are extensively used and this is where selenium fits perfectly.

Easy integration with the other tools

The selenium is a software testing tool that can be easily integrated with the other open-source tools. Since this testing tool is very useful and is an open source tool, this tool especially has a lot of takers.

Parallel and distributed testing

On the same machine or remote machines, multiple selenium test cases can be executed in parallel. For executing the test cases on remote machines selenium grid is used. By performing the parallel or the distributed testing you can save time to run tests and also execute tests in the same machine. You can even execute the tests on the web servers.

The selenium grids can be also found online. So if you are not interested in setting a selenium grid in your systems you can use the online one that facilitates access to more than 2000 browser environments. With this you can run your tests and automate testing.

This should be an important factor in influencing you to learn selenium online course. This is because with other tools you will miss the luxury of parallel and distributed testing due to system performance or lack of functionality.

No dependency on GUI based systems

The selenium tests can be executed without a GUI. The tests can be carried out on webs servers and automation can be achieved by scheduling its execution by integrating it with other tools. Without GUI the performance of the machines will drastically improve.

Flexibility while designing test cases

With selenium tools, you have the flexibility to design it either via programming logic or by the record and playback approach. You can even use IDE to record your tests if you don’t have the technical knowledge to script webdriver code.

You can use the selenium IDE to record your test and export it later into a programming language of your choice to execute as a webDriver test.

Increasing demand for the selenium testers

In the market, selenium testers have a lot of takers. The demand for the selenium testers is growing as selenium usage is growing consistently.

Bottom line Therefore these are the reasons that make sense to you and all these convey the importance to do selenium certification training. You can even do the selenium courses online and get the certification. Considering all these advantages make sure you do a selenium online course and later enjoy the benefits.