How to become a Certified Scrum Master

How to become a Certified Scrum Master

Agile Scrum Methodolgy

Why getting a scrum master certification is so important when you step into an organization. Mainly it helps people to produce and deliver products at the highest possible value. Not only that it helps them to deliver the products in very short cycles and even before the actual deadlines. You can get the feedback in a fast manner and can have continual improvement, according to the rapid change required. This is what the whole scrum looks like and it is better to have this certification, if you are not comfortable to join a training institution through offline mode you can even get this certification in the online mode.

Doing the CSM certifications isn’t hard, but successfully leading the team using all the Scrum principles likes commitment, courage, and focus. Then it automatically\y manages the workflow inside your team as well as increases your efficiency in managing your particular team effectively. Here we will see a few important things about CSM certifications.

What is a CSM?

In order to have a successful development team Scrum Master training is always necessary. As a CSM, it is important you should properly facilitate your team and thereby increase the chances of your team’s success. A Scrum Master is not necessarily to be a project manager or a project leader; they serve as a leader and efficiently handle the team in particular. Some of the responsibilities of CSM include helping the team to work together and guiding them not to get distracted that reduces the level of productivity. When you do this certification you automatically have lots of exposure in expanding your career opportunities. 

What are the requirements to become a CSM?

For becoming a Certified Scrum Master, there are about 3 steps you have to do:

  1. One is to familiarize you with the entire Scrum and complete the prerequisites before attending a CSM course.
  2. Try to attend this CSM course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer.
  3. If you answer at least 37 of 50 questions correctly you will become a certified CSM person.

What do I need to do before taking a CSM course?

Some of the things you should take before you want to get certified are:

  • It’s necessary that you have to properly prepare and get familiarized with all the Scrum theory and principles.
  • It usually begins with a short quiz to validate that either you are ready to begin the CSM training process or not. 
  • In order to pass this quiz, try to complete the Scrum Foundations eLearning Series.
  • The elearning series will give a concept of Scrum Theory, Scrum Roles, Scrum Events, and Scrum Artifacts, etc
  • You can even download them and read the official Scrum Guide and get familiarized with the concepts before you step in.
  • If you really want to succeed in these exams, trying to complete these prerequisites is effective.

What is the CSM course?

To obtain this scrum certification it is necessary for a person to have at least a two-day course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer. It usually provides an overview of the Scrum framework and thus prepares you to take on the Scrum Master role. In this you actually will learn about the Agile, Scrum Events, Scrum Artifacts, and Scrum Roles through different forms of exercises, discussions, and case studies that have more real-world experience.

Once you do this course, you will be eligible for a Scrum Master certification with the Scrum Alliance pending your CSM exam results. Usually these CSM courses will include a two-year membership with the Scrum Alliance where you can access all the valuable materials and resources that are needed for your certifications.

What is the CSM Exam?

When you take this CSM test online there will be about 35 multiple-choice questions. You should at least take the 24 questions correct in order to pass the certification. Getting 24/35 is really a tough one, but with appropriate training and stuff you can get this certification very easily.

So it is really important to complete your CSM course and it solely depends upon one individual’s needs. To take the test, the Scrum alliance has no cost up to two times. If it happens that you failed even on the second time then you will be charged a small fee for each subsequent attempt. Once the exam is completed you will be given the opportunity to see all the wrong answers that you have entered on your exam, but the exact answer for the question is not provided. So when you appear for the next time it is important to have a prior analysis of all these questions and get the appropriate answers for them.

What would be the time duration to become a CSM?

The duration of the CSM course lasts at least 16 hours. However, in addition to these two days some people need more timing to spend in the training. You’ll most likely want to invest time studying and reviewing the prerequisite materials to ensure you’re well prepared for the class. Once you’ve completed the course, all you need to do is take up the CSM exam online. Even if you are familiar with all the terms and techniques that are available in scrum it is equally important to have potential timings involved to have knowledge on all the concepts. Plan your test accordingly; it might even take months or weeks to complete them. It solely depends upon the individual who is opting for the online exam. Even try to have some gap between one exam and next and prepare thoroughly if you can’t get them cleared at one go.

Bottom Line:

When you are working in the software field or any other segment it is important that you upgrade yourself on all the things. This is the only way you can get survived in a particular industry not only survive you can become a master in the industry. Either you can take scrum certification or psm certification to efficiently handle the team and the tasks.