Data Science Online Course

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a booming career across industries. Today, it is the most sought-after profession in the computer science field. Data scientists who are experts in statistics and mathematical concepts coupled with computer science background are capable of detecting the concealed patterns in the data to provide significant insights. These insights are capable of driving business growth in an unimagined manner.

That said, Data Science is a complete life cycle which handles data collection to performing analysis, predicting outcomes, and reporting.

The first step of the process begins with collecting data through sampling methods, data cleansing through various data warehousing techniques. The processing of the data is the next step which is performed by the data scientists using data mining and data modeling skills. Next, the analysis of the data begins where the data scientists find the hidden patterns in the data to make predictive and qualitative analysis.

The analysis results are then published using the data visualization tools to generate reports. The final reports are then presented in front of the stakeholders or business owners. The role of a data scientist varies from company to company from being responsible for the entire data science life cycle to being a part of the data science team. 

Bagya Tech offers an exhaustive data science programs for beginners and advanced level professionals from IT/Non-background who are looking to venture into Data Science or IT field.

Why Data Science at Bagya Tech?

Our Data Science online course at Bagya Tech is designed to tap the increasing demand for qualified data scientists. We offer a fully comprehensive Data Science program. 

Data scientists are in demand across various industries beginning with healthcare, Banking, transport, retail, finance, telecom, etc. 

That said, there is a severe shortage of experts in the field who has strong analytical skills combined with deep quantitative abilities.

The businesses are employing data scientists to understand hidden patterns in data to build predictive models to identify loan defaulters, credit card defaulters, disease prediction, self-driven cars, chat bots, etc.

The companies are inevitably looking for data science professionals who are adept at applying their inquisitiveness combined with quantitative skills and domain knowledge to understand big data. 

Our learners who will have completed our data science online Training are most likely to emerge as competent data science professionals perfectly capable of taking up complex business problems and foster growth. 

How can I learn Data Science Online Course?

Like any other computer science concept, data science also can be learned online. The traditional classroom set-up for learning data science or Bootcamp sessions might seem to be ideal to a few, however, the overall cost of learning is most likely to go up in that case.

The online classes are relatively cost-effective at least by 15% when compared to the other forms of training methods.

As you enroll for a data science online course, you might as well opt for Python course, Artificial Intelligence program, or Deep Learning concepts at the same time for cost-cutting and effective management of time.

A few of the premium courses offered are online. The online courses enable the learners to share ideas, in networking, collaborate, building rapport with the trainer and fellow students, asking questions, etc. 

Not just cutting down the commute time, with the online courses the learners can leverage the best courses without having to travel long distances.

How is the career path in Data Science?

Data Science is the most trending course today.  Our data science online course at Bagya Tech not only gives our learners an edge over their peers in bagging high paying jobs but also opens up a plethora of career options going forward. 

Based on the academic background of our learners they can be placed anywhere between the role of a data analyst to data scientist in an organization. A few of the organizations might also be interested in hiring experts in the data science field to build IoT applications with the help of speech recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP)  techniques, etc. 

Top healthcare companies are constantly on a lookout for hiring disease mappers to develop predictive epidemiological models that are capable of identifying and forecasting the outbreak of potential epidemics. 

Most tech giants of late are keen on employing Artificial Intelligence professionals to apply machine learning algorithms in a step to train machine to function as humans.

What is the Scope of Data Science?

Increasing businesses are looking to hire data scientists to add value to their operations. This step from the businesses end has created a boom of data science field in the IT world. 

That said, data Scientists are highly qualified professionals who are a perfect blend of statisticians, techies, and domain experts. On an average data scientists are the professionals with Master’s or Ph.D degree holders

However, there are other careers in the data science niche which can be considered such as:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist

Who is eligible for Data Science Online Course?

An analytical background in any discipline such as, Mathematics, Physics, computer science, or engineering with basic knowledge of statistical programming languages Python and R should fit the bill.

What Data Science programs are offered at Bagya Tech?

Bagya Tech offers the following Data Science Programs:

  • Data Science Using Python
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Data Science and Big Data

Who is eligible for data science program? 

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree with a passion to learn and keep learning the latest technologies can enroll for the program at Bagya Tech.

Can I enroll for the program even if I have no programming experience?

Yes, anyone who is passionate about numbers, possessing strong analytical skills, and the passion to foray into the booming data science field can enroll for the program. 

Moreover, we encourage professionals from different background as a part of our diverse opportunity program.