How a fresher can build a successful career by learning java

How a fresher can build a successful career by learning java

Java Certification

Java is a programming language built with a philosophy of ‘write once, run anywhere’ concept. It is the most popular programming language because of its versatility. Java can be used to create light and fast, customized applications for a variety of purposes. It makes the job of developer and programmer easier. Java is the technology, used widely in the software platform today both by the client-side and the server-side.

Why do all prefer java?

Java is an open-source and it also offers easy access to the application programming interface. The java programs are supported on multiple platforms; you can even generate reusable codes. It is an independent platform and it also supports garbage collection through which it can automate memory management. It could be used to create multiple dynamic web applications. Java has powerful development tools which can be accessed for free without any charges.

Career outlook in java

The leading companies in the industry of software development prefer to use java as their programming language. Using this they are developing online applications, software applications and firm applications. Having experience in this field would increase your rate of income in future. Thus, Java certification training is highly important to compete in this race of great opportunity.

Salary for a java programmer

A beginner earns in lakhs as a java programmer, it can be increased by developing your skills through java certification classes which are even available online for your convenience. As certifications and experience play a major role in the salary factor.

Various career options

There are multiple fields for you to work after proper training and certification on java. Make the demand for java as your opportunity. You can work as a web developer, web programmer, software developer, app developer, EJB programmer and project manager. This probability of a high salary package, availability of various career options and the opportunity to work in apparent companies makes java the best career choice.

Master the fundamentals

If you are a newbie, mastering any basics is the first thing to learn anything better with proper knowledge. Java programs cannot be memorized and programmed, it needs proper understanding to exhibit. So first start practicing core java which is java SE and master it. You can do that by attending tutoring sessions organized by numerous institutions or join yourself in any online java programming course. And make sure to be familiar with basic concepts like arrays, loops, operators etc. Java SE also has a range of API”s general purposes like java. lang, java. math and java. Io, etc. You have to also learn the well known OOP’s concept of java.

Keep practicing codes on java

You can write the syntax without any basic error only through practicing it. Practising what you learned is the best way to bring perfection in your programming style. Because only practice can lead you to perfection. A solution can be easily given theoretically but to apply that practically lies the challenge of understanding the language limitations and design practices. Once you are fair enough with your confidence in your java skill then you can test yourself by participating in the contest of programming such as spotj, project Euler and codechef. Try to take up and work on mini-projects, relevant to whatever topic you learn and keep on practising java and coding as much as possible.

Learn Java EE

After completing the core java, start to learn java EE which is the Enterprise Edition of java. It is the advanced version of java, so as you start learning java EE you are able to work on web development as Java EE. It has specifications for extra features like web services and distributed computing which includes technologies for web specifications like java server faces, servlet, WebSocket, etc.

Work on live projects

One of the experimented ways to brush up your technical skill is to undertake the project as a freelancer. The quality expectations, strict deadlines and client interactions would give you knowledge about how a java developer works in the industry of information technology. So hone your coding skills and make some money by freelancing before entering the market of jobs to gain confidence.

Make projects with Servlets and JSP

Combine your skills whatever you have learnt in java EE with the front technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Make mini projects on those topics as that will help you to enhance your skills. Make sure to have projects with the Servlet and JSP to know your ability in the java programming language.

Be updated about java

To have proper knowledge and skill, it is a must to get updated from time to time. Try to get up to date information about the latest technologies and techniques about java programming to be a highly skilled java developer in your field. You can follow any blogs or subscribe to forums which deal with relevant topics of java programming. You can also be part of java focused social platforms like Dreamincode Forum, Stackoverflow, Coderanch forum or Java- forums. Read books which deal with the concept of programming languages and discuss with the experienced persons of your field.

Learn Hibernate and Spring frameworks

After you become well versed in the concepts of both Java SE and Java EE then you must learn Java Frameworks which comes with the processes of Spring Framework and Hibernate Framework of java. On these days mostly the Java development companies use Spring Frameworks such as Spring MVC, spring cloud and spring boot for the development of the web application etc. For mapping, a domain object-oriented model to a relational database, Hibernate Framework and the Hibernate query languages are very popular.

Develop your soft skills 

As well as you develop your technical skills, you also should develop your soft skill to be a great java developer. Communication skills, Troubleshooting skills, customer service and analytical skills altogether make a way for you to stand apart from the crowd.

There are infinite opportunities available for a person who knows java well. So the only thing to attain success in this field is, you want to be dedicated to improving your skills and qualification to reach your goal.