Agile Scrum methodology training

What is the Agile Scrum project management methodology?

Agile Scrum methodology training is one of the most adopted practices that impose continuous iterative development in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It is an incremental approach. 

The Agile methodology Training essentially involves breaking down the entire project into numerous sprints. The sprints are usually 2-4 weeks long where the development happens considering the feedback. The Agile methodology makes sure that the software with the highest quality is developed faster within a short duration of time. 

Agile Scrum methodology not only breaks the development process into smaller sprints but it also enforces the simultaneous implementation of development and testing activities. 

The Agile practices involve software development incorporating the most essential features first during the first sprint. The subsequent sprints ensure that the product is built taking the feedback from the customers into consideration. This enables maintaining the superior quality of the end product. 

The Agile Scrum practice dictates that the entire team involved in the SDLC collaborates and works together face-to-face towards the development of the product.

What is Agile methodology?

Agile methodology is a project management practice that focuses on continuous iterative development. In this methodology, software development and testing happen simultaneously.

Agile methodology states that the design and implementation of the project should be kept simple. However, the Agile methodology is rigid as compared to the Scrum framework which is more focused on an innovative and experimental approach that offers flexibility.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is one of the most implemented agile process frameworks that define a set of values and principles to drive the Agile methodology. It ensures faster and high-quality delivery of the software product. 

Scrum is the subgroup of Agile. Scrum methodology stresses on the delivery of the value and principles of Agile. Through collaboration, goal-setting, and stand-up meetings, Scrum ensures the execution of Agile methodology in the software projects. 

That said, Scrum was developed particularly for implementing Agile methodology. However, in practice, the Agile Scrum methodology is of late being referred to as Scrum project development or Scrum development. 

At Bagya Tech, we offer a 20-hour in-depth Agile Scrum online training which enables our learners to bring an effective change at the workplace. Also, it works towards developing professional knowledge of Agile methodologies and Scrum practices.  

Furthermore, our Agile Scrum online course plays an instrumental role in developing enough knowledge such that our learners can clear the PMI-ACP exam in the first attempt.

Who uses Agile Scrum methodology?

The Agile Scrum methodology Training is the most preferred practice among software development teams. Furthermore, according to a study, it is found that about 70% of the software teams are reported to have been incorporating either Scrum or Scrum hybrid methodologies in their projects.

Businesses which have used Agile Scrum methodology are said to adopt it for the following reasons:

  • Improved quality in products
  • Increased productivity
  • To improve customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • To meet deadlines

Our Agile methodology Training program at Bagya Tech especially checks your knowledge in Agile Scrum practices. This course is an unspoken promise that you can become a scrum-qualified professional with an ability to develop and deliver superior quality products and apply Scrum practices hands-on at work. 

Who are eligible to learn the Agile Scrum course?

Our Agile Scrum online course is best suited for all those who contribute towards software product development such as, developers, architects, project managers, business analysts, process coaches, etc.

What are the prerequisites to take up the Agile Scrum course?

There are no specific prerequisites to enroll in the program. All the Agile Scrum enthusiasts who believe in the methodology and aspire to bring a positive change in their work environment can take up the course.  The team members, managers, team leads, and any team member looking for streamlined project completion with a better quality product delivered and meeting the guidelines, can enroll for the course.


How can I learn the Agile Scrum training course online?

The Agile Scrum training at Bagya Tech is a live, interactive instructor-led program. The live sessions are led by Scrum Master certified trainers who have years of industry experience and training expertise. We ensure that our learners are from diverse backgrounds geographically and professionally. We hope that these aspects only work in favor of our learners, enriching their experience with varied Scrum practices and implementation techniques across the world.

What sort of certification am I likely to get after the Agile Scrum Training at Bagya Tech?

After the Agile Scrum Master training, you will be awarded the Agile Scrum Certification from Bagya Tech.

What is the value-add after enrolling for Agile Scrum Training at Bagya Tech?

After our 20-hour Agile Scrum Training, our learners will be fully proficient to appear for Agile Certification Exam PMI-ACP.

What are the Hardware/Software requirements from my end to attend the Agile Scrum training at Bagya Tech?

The following are the requirements for attending our live classroom sessions:

  • Windows XP SP3 or higher/Mac OSX 10.6 or higher
  • Internet Speed 512 kbps or higher
  • Headset/speakers and microphone.

What results can I expect after the Agile Scrum training at Bagya Tech?

Many of our learners have succeeded in clearing the PMI-ACP exam in the first attempt. With our practical approach, our learners have not just passed the exam, but also developed their confidence which went beyond just getting certified.

Can I cancel my enrollment? Am I eligible for a refund then?

Yes, you may cancel the enrollment if you can provide us with a justified reason. Refer to our cancellation and refund policy for details.