10 sample projects you can do as a Selenium beginner

10 sample projects you can do as a Selenium beginner

Selenium Testing

Due to the user friendly features of the selenium, many developer likes to develop the project using selenium. Java Script Test Runner has grown to be a well-known Selenium. It is very well-liked by developers and software testers since it is a portable, open-source automated testing framework. Using different operating systems and browsers Selenium’s automation tool automates online apps. Selenium Grid Server can be used to run tests concurrently, improving efficiency. It is employed to put fresh mern stack project concepts into practice. Due to its growth, many institute provide the selenium online training through the online class. Here you will see the sample projects of the selenium beginner: 

Docker selenium

The Selenium Grid is now central in the rapidly expanding Selenium project. To speed up testing, the Selenium Grid enables many browsers to be used at once on various PCs. With Docker, it is simple to put everything you need into a single package that can operate flawlessly wherever. Additionally, it aids in preventing conflicts between various dependencies’ and libraries’ versions.


For PHP, Panther is a testing and web scraping package. Panther makes it simpler to conduct tests across a broader range of browsers, devices, or actual browsers via cloud services. Panther automatically takes care of all of this for you with no setup required. Panther may also use Lambda Test or link directly to Selenium Grid nodes to perform cross-browser testing.


Typically, they are huge pages read from right to left, printed in black and white on thin paper. The Manga project is a free software comic viewer that enables Linux users to read Manga comics. Both professionals and new developers can use it.

Web scraping

An approach in software engineering called web scraping includes taking data from web pages. Web scraping extraction is obtaining information from websites and converting it into a format suitable for storing the information in databases or analyzing it.

Hacking Scripts

A great collection of scripts called Hacking Scripts is available to use while creating. The primary objective of the Hacking Scripts project repository is to offer utility scripts that could make daily life simpler while working on various projects. It includes an extensive library of helpful Python scripts for automating chores, data processing tasks, web scraping projects, etc.


Alsatian is a Type Script testing framework that generates compliant markup and supports test cases. A sizable developer community from around the world actively develops and uses the framework. The framework is created using TypeScript and compiles to JavaScript, which all hosts and browsers support.


To traverse the vast ocean of online courses, turn to Coursearch. It has two main goals, to assist those looking to further their knowledge by giving them access to the best online learning resources; and to assist course providers by enabling them to offer their courses, attract students, and build a community around the courses.


The Pyleniumio project combines the most valuable features of Cypress and Selenium into a single Python package. The flexibility of Selenium is not present in Cypress, which was created mainly to test web applications. The benefits of both worlds are combined into one compact package by the new Python module Pylenium. 

Social scheduler

You can plan an event reminder to your account using the straightforward web application Social Scheduler. It is a tool for everyone who wants to update their social media profiles or wants more invitations for them. Thanks to the Social Scheduler initiative, your social network accounts can all receive invitations automatically.


To scrape your attendance or marks, use the web application Automate project, which is currently written in Python. A MySQL database houses the results of automated scrapes. The necessary details for the project can be learned from the online selenium course.

Final words

Selenium is popularity among international test automation organizations is because it is one of the most effective and user-friendly automation solutions. So the user is interested in developing the projects.