Artificial Intelligence TRAINING Online

About Artificial Intelligence Program at Bagya Tech

Ever since its conception, Artificial Intelligence is a constantly emerging field that is changing at a rapid speed despite its existence for decades together with our Artificial Intelligence training program at Bagya Tech, our students enrolling for the program will acquire mastery from the AI basics to some of its applications. Our enrollees will get a chance to explore various AI applications and their possibilities as we discover the newest trends beyond human understanding. 

What are the objectives of the Artificial Intelligence Program?

Our Artificial Intelligence program at Bagya Tech is a comprehensive program that comprises Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, along with real-time execution of advanced Artificial Intelligence tools and models.

  • Our 40-hour AI online course covers all the key concepts beginning with the fundamentals of statistics, Python programming, and Machine Learning
  • Various Python’s Machine Learning libraries are a part of the program such as NumPy, Sci-kit Learn, SciPy, etc.  
  • Our program includes supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced learning concepts of ML.
  • Advanced concepts of Artificial Intelligence training such as Artificial Neural Networks, Layers of data abstraction, and Tensor Flow.
  • Artificial Intelligence is a part of every walk of life including transportation, healthcare, insurance, Banking, Finance, social media, e-commerce, etc. And by 2025, Artificial Intelligence is predicted to be a major part of our day to day lives. 
  • AI machines are touted to be behaving like humans, interacting with them, understanding human emotions.
  • Job opportunities in AI are expected to grow extensively by 2025 and beyond.

Why choose Artificial Intelligence as a career?

There is a phenomenal growth in the demand for AI engineers across the world. However, the lack of qualified professionals has resulted in a severe shortage of certified AI engineers with only 10,000 experts being able to meet the demand. Additionally, the average pay for a good AI engineer is a staggering $172,000.

What skills can the learners acquire during the Artificial Intelligence online program?

Upon completion of our Artificial Training course at Bagya Tech, our learners ill have proficiency in the following concepts;

  • An in-depth understanding of what Artificial Intelligence training is all about, its purpose, scope, meaning, applications, and repercussions of AI.
  • They should be able to create and build intelligent machines capable of performing human-like actions; develop projects, ML models, probabilistic models, decision-making problems, etc.
  • Complete command over Python language meant for AI from various data types, tuples, lists, dicts, and various other key functions.
  • Gets a hands-on practice on performing data analysis using Jupyter notebook or any other IDE?.
  • Gain an understanding of various data science processes such as exploratory data analysis, data wrangling, data visualization, hypothesis building, and testing.
  • They should be able to perform various NumPy, Sci-Kit Learn, Pandas packages for data analysis.
  • Complete mastery over the concepts of supervised,  unsupervised learning, and reinforced learning models using linear regression, predictive models, clustering, K-NN, dimensionality reduction, developing recommendation engine, building native language processing systems, etc.

Who should take up the Artificial Intelligence Program?

At Bagya Tech, trainers with immense experience and vast industry expertise have designed our curriculum. Our AI online course is suitable for a wide range of professionals including;

  • Aspiring AI engineers or Machine Learning experts.
  • Analytic experts
  • Developers who want to build knowledge on AI algorithms
  • Data analysts who are looking to become AI experts.
  • Beginners who are looking to build a career in AI or ML engineering
  • Relevant developers who are looking to build AI and ML skills for work-related applications.

What are the prerequisites for Artificial Intelligence Program?

Our AI online course curriculum at Bagya Tech has been developed to teach our students from the basics of statistics to the in-depth knowledge of AI and ML libraries using Python. However, it is good to have the knowledge of

  • Basic understanding of Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Python Programming


  1. What can I do if I miss a class? 

At Bagya Tech, we never let you down when you miss a class.

  • Our learners can choose to view the video recordings of the Hadoop online course live sessions uploaded on the LMS.
  • Alternatively, you can attend a session from another batch to make up for the missed classes.
  1. For how long are the training videos available after the course completion?

The training videos will be available for your reference for life once you have enrolled for the course.

  1. Can I get a placement guarantee after the course completion?

Our Hadoop online course is a 100% job-oriented program and we provide placement assistance.

  1. Do I get to attend a demo session before I enroll in the classes?

At Bagya Tech, we offer a free demo session to all our students who register with us. Our live demo sessions are an effective way to help you make a decision. The demo sessions essentially allow you to assess the knowledge, skills, and communication value of our trainers beforehand.

  1. What are the System Requirements for the Selenium Certification course?

Windows/Mac/Linux with 4-8GB RAM, 20 GB Memory, i3 processors, or above.

  1. What about the practical sessions after the theory classes?

Our cloud test lab is available for practice 24*7.

  1. Who will be my instructors at Bagya Tech?

All our instructors at Bagya Tech are with 5-15 years of industry experience and working knowledge on AI concepts along with strong training skills.